A giant-sized helping of Uncle John’s amazing anecdotes, strange stories, and brain-busters divided into convenient lengths--Quickies, Regular-Length and Long Items for those extended stays. Two big, no, two GIANT thumbs up! 

This one’s big. Make that pretty huge. No, wait--it’s GIGANTIC! Presenting Uncle John’s Gigantic Bathroom Reader, featuring two of our best-selling and hard-to-find titles: Uncle John’s Absolutely Absorbing Bathroom Reader and Uncle John’s Giant 10th Anniversary Bathroom Reader, now bound together in this omnibus hardcover edition for your reading pleasure. Tipping the sales at more than 700 pages, this massive missive is guaranteed to boost your IQ! Packed with fun facts, tantalizing tid-bits, and intriguing information, this is no book for the faint of heart. This gigantic volume has it all: entertainment, humor, forgotten history, science, origins of everyday things, strange lawsuits, and a great big pile of pop culture. So don’t go to your throne alone--take Uncle John with you!

Uncle John’s Gigantic Bathroom Reader