Add flair and flavor to your meals with the first vegetarian cookbook to incorporate wine or spirits in every recipe 

With the simple addition of a splash of wine or spirits, meatless dishes take on a new dimension of flavor. Potato Salad springs to life with a Red Zinfandel Dressing. Saffron Risotto is especially aromatic when served with vegetables in a Chardonnay sauce. The Spirited Vegetarian offers a totally different and unique approach to vegetarian cooking, demonstrating through over 100 tantalizing recipes how the innovative cook can use wine and spirits to prepare meatless cuisine with sophistication and style. 

Well-known cookbook author Paulette Mitchell draws on classic recipes as well as her own contemporary creations as she serves up entrées that range from hearty Roasted Vegetables with Polenta Triangles and Sangiovese Tomato Sauce to delectable Ruby Port-Glazed Portobello Mushrooms. Chilled Prosecco-Melon Soup is a refreshing addition to a sizzling summer brunch; Cannellini Bean Bourguinonne is sure to satisfy on a frosty night; and anyone for whom dessert is an anticipated and irresistible part of the meal will revel in such confectionary delights as Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding with Sherry Cream, Apricot Brandy Pound Cake,and Salame Dolce, a rich Amaretto-flavored chocolate log.

The Spirited Vegetarian by Paulette Mitchell