Madara was found adrift on the river in a lotus blossom as a baby, injured and mangled. Tatara, the wise elder of a small rural village, is able to save Madara and rebuild his body with mechanical gadgets. Although Madara's youth passes by in uneventful obscurity, his destiny eventually catches up with him. When demon minions from the evil emperor attack his village, Madara awakens the power to use his gadget limbs as weapons to defend his family. He is told that he must now go out into the unknown world to defeat the emperor and his demon generals. is high-action fantasy . The art is in the standard style, but the character design is well thought out, and the villains are cool, over-the-top monsters. Good to recommend to fans of anime like and or of video games like Mortal Kombat.

Madara by Sho-U Tajima and Eiji Otsuka