Daily Dose of Knowledge: History provides a simple and entertaining way to learn something new every day. Enjoy 365 one-page articles -- an article per day for a year -- on fascinating historical figures, places, and anecdotes. On any given day, you might meet a remarkable historical figure, get the back story on a notable invention, learn about the origins of a religious practice, or find out what nations were actually fighting about in a legendary war. If your New Year s resolutions include learning more about history, this is the perfect book for you. And if they don t? Well, it's still perfect. 

Among the many things you'll learn: 

Who finally defeated Attila the Hun, and how they did it 
What milkmaids had to do with the invention of the smallpox vaccine 
How the people of Pompeii met their horrific end 
What made Ivan the Terrible so terrible 
Why the Hundred Years War took so long 
Who put the D in D-Day 

With illustrations complementing the informative articles, Daily Dose of Knowledge: History makes it easy to brush up on your history.