Every day your organization - and you - are in the spotlight. Your employees are performing and theaudience - your customers - will love the show, hate it, or worst of all ignoreit. Scott McKain has discovered what the film, television, and music industrieshave known for years: to be successful, you must create an emotional link with youraudience.

In a recent survey, Scott says, more than 70% of shoppers said theywould tend to switch where they buy things if it were "more fun" toshop somewhere else. You can get customers to switch to your business by makingthem enjoy dealing with you. In straightforward, practical language and plentyof real-life examples, ALL Business is Show Business tells how to createexperiences that will make customers want to do business with you again andagain.

Tell your story well. It will make you a star.
Have a short, powerful, and unique high concept statement. It worked for Jaws and it will work for you.
Practice the eight essential acts your customers want you to perform.
Your employees are the stars of the show. Treat them that way.
Create the Ultimate Customer Experience, and you will acquire amazing loyalty and unlimited referrals.
"No matter what your business," says Scott McKain, "you arealways on stage. Make your performance one that leaves your customers with afeeling of Wow!"

All Business is Show Business by Scott McKain