Now you can outfox the high cost of living the old-fashioned five-and-dime way. Don't be tempted by all of those "new" products on the shelves; instead, rediscover the power of those time- honored, thrifty household items your grandparents and parents used. You'll save a bundle with over 1,300 of these clever hints and tips: -Hair spray is an inexpensive way to preserve flowers, remove pet hair from a couch, kill bugs and stop static cling -Cedar chips will drive fleas from a pet bed, keep snails at bay in your garden and repel moths from your wool sweaters -Furniture polish will spiff up hubcaps and bicycles, add shine to shower doors and stop squeaky door hinges -Glass cleaner will make your jewelry sparkle, relieve bee sting pain, dry out pimples and shine patent leather shoes -Aluminum foil makes a stunning wrap for a wedding gift, works effectively as a substitute for hair curlers in a pinch, and when placed under your ironing board cover will increase the efficiency of your iron -An ice cream scoop can be used to measure the perfect amount of potting soil, shape butter into fancy shapes for a holiday dinner and form perfect meatballs and cookies

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