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The C*ck Down the Block by Amy Award Review

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars


The Cock Down the Block by Amy Award

Always the nerdy girl, never the girlfriend~ 

Until her cocky best friend and his ahem rooster take charge. 

Look, I've had it bad for the girl with all the curves next door forever. She turned me down in high school and since I'm not a total douchecanoe, I lusted after her all by myself in my shower, and we stayed just friends for years. 

Now she's the adorkable librarian next door and I'm the star quarterback of the best pro football team in the league. 

So when she asks me to be her fake date to her all-girls school reunion I am totally down to show her off to the mean girls who bullied her back then so they can see just how incredible she is. 

I'll be the best boyfriend they've ever seen. The best fake boyfriend that is. 

Until I find out from her slightly-stalkery classmates that she still has her v-card. I don't see how that is even possible. Not with how sexy and sweet she is. Could it be because she knows she belongs with me?  

This curvy girl and football quarterback sports romance has a baddie plus-size woman who knows her own worth and a Bridgertons-meets-American-Football family you'll wish you were a part of.

Review: This book had me kicking my feet, squealing, and jumping for joy. If you are looking for a book to make you scream at the first kiss and forget about reality this is the one. Chris is an A+ book boyfriend and Trixie is truly that girl. It was so much fun watching their relationship form and see how they dealt with their issues together.

Let's get into it!

The Cock Down the Block is a delightful albeit silly steamy friends to lovers romance. The plot and characters are ridiculously loveable and lovably ridiculous. Trixie is a relatable and enjoyable main character with a job we all dream of! She is confident and smart and funny! Chris is the eldest in the family and takes charge of the football field. He has so much love for his family, especially his mom that had passed away, it makes your heart melt. They were friends their whole lives and it was finally time to move things to the next step. The perfect opportunity came in the form of Trixie needing a date to the high school reunion to show those mean popular girls.

I very rarely see the appeal of friends to lovers but with these two main characters it just made sense. I love a man who is down bad for his girl, and no one is more down bad than Chris is for Trixie. He is obsessed with her, as he should be! Another thing that I loved was that there was no third act breakup. Once they figured it out they were in it together! It's my least favorite thing and this author knows how to add some drama without making them miscommunicate and end things prematurely.

Is this the next great literary feat? No. Is this the next great romance to make you kick your feet? Yes. Is this borderline too cheesy? Maybe. If you are looking for something light definitely check this one out! Love it for all the silly romance that it is, because it's a great one. I so look forward to reading more from this series and meeting more of the family. I'm into it.

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